Mastering Speed vs Control in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Imagine being a surfer on Australia’s famed Bondi Beach. The faster you paddle, the less control you have over your direction. This principle echoes in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Welcome to the understanding of “Speed vs Control in BJJ.”

Speed vs Control: The Trade-Off

In the same way a surfer needs to balance speed and control while catching a wave, you as a BJJ practitioner, are constantly weighing the speed of your movements against the control you have over your opponent. This trade-off is critical to your game strategy.

Decoding Speed vs Control

Why this choice between speed and control? Why can’t you have both simultaneously? The truth is that the more emphasis you put on your movement speed, the less control you’ll likely have over your opponent’s movements. BJJ as a sport, values control more than speed, which makes it slower-paced compared to other grappling arts like wrestling or judo.

Speed and Control in Practice

Consider the quickest moves in BJJ, such as the flying armbar. These high-speed techniques rely heavily on surprise and fast execution for a successful finish before your opponent can react defensively. In contrast, the slower moves like dominant pins, while lacking in speed, offer a higher degree of control, often demanding several minutes of minimal movement.

Tailoring Your BJJ Strategy

Knowing the trade-off between speed and control is one thing, but applying it into your game is another. A standing position, which is inherently less controlling than ground positions, typically leans more towards speed for success. You might find yourself playing a fast-paced game when standing and shifting to a control-focused game when on the ground.

Drills for Speed vs Control

Practising different sparring rounds, one focusing on speed and the next on control, can help you understand the impact of each aspect on your performance and the opponent’s reaction.

Another beneficial drill is slow-motion rolling, where the aim is to emphasize control and see how reducing your speed can enhance your dominating abilities.

Embrace Speed, Control, and Victory

As a BJJ practitioner, both speed and control are essential attributes to develop. Understanding their interplay and how it influences your strategy is critical to your BJJ journey. At Apex MMA, we believe in the importance of conceptual learning. Our experienced coaches will help you grasp these fundamental principles, sharpening your physical and strategic abilities.

Keen to delve deeper into Speed vs Control in BJJ? Contact us to try a beginner’s class or a trial. We offer a warm, friendly environment where we prioritize your learning and growth. See you on the mats!

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