Apex MMA: gym etiquette rules

Our List Of Proper Gym Etiquette


Gym Etiquette Rules

Etiquette is an important part of any martial arts gym, especially in an MMA gym like Apex MMA. Having good etiquette in the gym helps to create a respectful and safe environment for everyone to train in. It also helps the coaches to keep everyone focused on the task at hand while creating a sense of camaraderie amongst the team.

  1. Apex MMA is a space where learning, performance, equality and respect are emphasized.
  2. Be a good training partner by practicing safe training methods.
  3. Arrive on time and be ready to join in at the start of class. If you need to leave early from class, please let our coaches know.
  4. Shoes, thongs, sandals, or slides are never to be worn on the mats and should be stored in the provided shoe racks.
  5. Shirts must be worn in the reception area at all times.
  6. Footwear must be worn if using the bathroom area at any time, before, during or after class.
  7. All jewelry, piercings, necklaces and rings should be removed prior to training.
  8. Language on and off the mats should be polite and not make your training partners uncomfortable.
  9. Our personal Hygiene policy must be adhered to at all times without exception.
  10. Listen to the coaches at all times and if you have any questions then feel free to ask or approach them with any problems you are having.
  11. Please address the instructor as either coach or by their first name.

At Apex MMA, our coaches are committed to upholding a standard of professionalism and respect that mirrors the expectations we have for our students. We pledge to foster an environment where learning, performance, equality, and respect are not just taught but exemplified in our behavior. As coaches, we guarantee to:

  1. Provide a safe training environment by employing and demonstrating safe training practices ourselves, ensuring every student feels secure and supported.
  2. Be punctual and prepared for every class, setting a standard for timeliness and readiness that we expect from our students.
  3. Respect the cleanliness and hygiene rules by maintaining a proper appearance and following our guidelines for our students.
  4. Use respectful and inclusive language, ensuring our communication on and off the mats contributes to a positive and welcoming atmosphere.
  5. Be approachable and available for questions or concerns, encouraging an open line of communication. We promise to listen attentively and provide guidance with patience and understanding.
  6. Address each student with respect, recognising their efforts and referring to them in a manner that they prefer, fostering an environment of mutual respect and dignity.

Fundamentally, Apex MMA upholds a high standard of conduct and etiquette, expecting both students and coaches to contribute to a harmonious and productive training environment for the entire Apex MMA team.

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