Apex MMA: Hygiene Policy

Our Hygiene and Cleaning Policy


Personal Hygiene Policy 

At Apex MMA, we are committed to providing a safe and hygienic environment for our customers and staff. We take hygiene very seriously and it is mandatory for all members and coaches to adhere to our personal hygiene policy.

  • Skin: We know this sport is addictive but there are times when you have to, for the benefit of your club and training partners resist the urge to get on the mat. If you spot any type of skin infection don’t jump on the mat. Instead, go see a GP and get advice. A good practice is to do a quick scan before every class.
  • Cuts: Scratches or small cuts are a part of life. To prevent infection cover them up with a band-aid and reinforce them with tape. We wouldn’t want you to mess up your favourite training outfit.
  • Blood: We would prefer it if all your blood remains on the inside of your body but occasionally some does spill. If this happens, and blood gets on the mat, let the coach know and the spill kit will be brought into action. Remember to cover the cut as above before resuming training.
  • Nails: Nails can be a weapon in this sport so please keep yours clean and trimmed.
  • Odour: We appreciate when you train you will sweat. However, we get close up and personal in this sport so please make sure you use a good deodorant and arrive to class odour free.
  • Hair: Long hair can be a fashion statement and we applaud your golden locks, but whilst training keep it tied back so you don’t get hurt and your training partners don’t get a face full of it.
  • Breath: Who doesn’t enjoy a kebab with garlic sauce? Just don’t have one right before class. In fact, we get so close best if you brush your teeth or take a breath mint if needed.
  • Gear: We train hard and a natural consequence is sweat. Unlike your favourite pair of jeans that you might get two, three or even 30 wears before washing, your training gear is an entirely different kettle of fish. Training gear must be cleaned and washed after every training session. If your gear stinks it won’t be allowed into the training area. Pro-tip, if you plan to do a double class, bring a second top to change into so you’re fresh for your next training partner.
  • Health: Covid, flu, skin infections. All the things. So much is going around and if you pass it on you not only affect the person you give it to but their family and work colleagues. This will make you very unpopular. If you’re sick or have any respiratory infection, cough or cold, then do yourself and your training partners a favour and have a rest.


Facility CLeaning Policy 

Here at Apex MMA we like being clean. We like clean mats, clean equipment and a clean environment. Clean is good. So, here’s what we all need to do to keep it that way. As members of Apex MMA we hope you can support us in our goal to achieve cleanliness.  

What Apex MMA will do: 

  1. All training mats, including floor and wall mats will be vacuumed, disinfected and mopped after each training block. 
  2. All doorknobs and high-touch surfaces will be disinfected daily. 
  3. All bags, pads and mitts will be cleaned and disinfected daily. 
  4. Reception, training and changeroom carpet will be vacuumed daily. 
  5. The changeroom will be vacuumed daily and kept clean. 
  6. Bathrooms and showers will be cleaned at a minimum weekly. 
  7. Provide a spill kit to clean up spills. 

What we expect you to do: 

  1. That you adhere to our Personal Hygiene Policy.
  2. Practice good hand hygiene and wash / sanitise before and after class. 
  3. After using any equipment, please spray with provided disinfectant and wipe with your own towel. 
  4. Please let us know if any of these areas are not clean and tidy. 
  5. Please use shelving and storage for your belongings, keeping the floor space clear. 
  6. Wear footwear in the bathrooms, place any paper towels in the bin, flush the toilets and be respectful of the environment. 
  7. Immediately use the spill kit to disinfect any spills on the mats 

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