Injury Prevention at Apex MMA

Aug 17, 2023MMA

Injury Prevention

At Apex MMA, we aim to help minimminimiseentable injuries and keep all our members healthy. This involves ongoing education on injury prevention, early recognition of warning signs, and proper treatment. Adhering to core principles of injury prevention helps fighters stay in top form and extend their time in the sport. This article summasummarisesinjury prevention strategies for MMA athletes based on insights from experienced fighters, trainers, physicians, and sports scientists.

Mixed martial arts is an inherently intense and demanding sport. While some degree of injury is inevitable, following basic guidelines can significantly reduce risks and prolong competitive careers. We aim to provide our athletes with the tools and knowledge to train smarter, maximmaximiser potential, and minimminimise lost to preventable injuries.

Choose the Right Camp and Team

Surround yourself with knowledgeable coaches and safe, reliable training partners. Seek out gyms with an established health, safety, and accountability culture. Having the right team provides guidance, support, and oversight on your path to excellence. Your coaches and training partners will shape your mentality, technique, and training habits. At Apex MMA we always ensure our coaches are looking out for your safety and aim to keep you happy, healthy and training on the mats.

Look for partners willing to drill at controlled intensities and avoid turning every sparring session into a battle. Partners focused on mutual improvement keep egos in check for everyone’s benefit. There is little value getting knocked out during practice by a supposed teammate. Our core team values at Apex MMA make sure to emphaemphasisethe character traits you are looking for in safe and productive training partners.

Avoid camps tolerating sloppy or reckless technique that endangers athletes. Also beware coaches who constantly push you past your limits without listening to feedback. Look for experienced coaches who watch for signs like fatigue and custocustomiserams for your needs. Obviously Apex MMA embodies all of these aspects that you are looking for in a gym, camp and team as our priority is to keep all our members safe, healthy and training for the long term.

Use Proper Protective Gear

UtiliUtiliseopriate protective equipment during all facets of training. This includes approved helmets, headgear, heavy bags, focus mitts, elbow pads, shin guards, and more. Ensure competition gloves and hand wraps fit correctly to support fists and wrists. A properly fitted mouthguard protects teeth, jaws, and even the brain.

The expense of quality protective gear pales in comparison to lost fight purses, medical bills, and permanent damage from preventable injuries. MMA is dangerous enough without ignoring common sense precautions. It makes little sense to knock out training partners when you need them healthy to prepare properly.

Listen to Your Body

Leave ego at the door to the gym. RecogRecognise body’s pain signals early and adapt workouts accordingly. Be honest with coaches about nagging injuries affecting your performance. Do not try to hide issues and “push through it” when you need rest. There is no glory in pretending to be invincible if it shortens your career.

Understand the difference between productive training pain and real injury risk warning signs. Pain related to muscle burn or fatigue is expected. However, sharp joint, tendon, or ligament pains are major red flags to avoid catastrophic damage. Protect your weapons.

Avoid Overtraining

Allow proper recovery between intense training sessions. Schedule active rest days rather than going full throttle year-round. Relative rest maintains fitness while allowing nervous, musculoskeletal, and endocrine systems to recharge. Otherwise, accumulated fatigue makes severe and nagging overuse injuries more likely.

Vary workouts to distribute stress across different movement patterns and energy systems. Do not ramp up too quickly. Follow carefully planned perioperiodisationdules when preparing for fights. Consider working with a sports scientist to optimoptimisearation while minimminimising.

Train Smarter

Perfect technique, bio-mechanics, and fight IQ instead of relying purely on strength or intensity. Develop skills and game plans custocustomisedour unique physical gifts, weaknesses, and needs. EmphaEmphasisening quality over sheer quantity. Drill fundamentals consistently – with perfect practice, perfection follows. Spar intelligently with focused objectives.

Prepare your body purposefully to handle fight rigors. Perform prehab focused on joint stability, muscular balance, and mobility. Master landing safely from throws. Condition yourself mentally to stay relaxed under pressure. Outsmart opponents and avoid unnecessary damage.

Here at Apex MMA, we take an integrated scientific approach to training focused on helping our team perform at their peak while minimminimisingry risks. Our goal is preparing champions for the cage who can continue thriving for years to come. We provide the knowledge for fighters to maximmaximiser potential while taking care of their health.

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