Train on Anzac Day with an Open Mat Session

Apr 24, 2023News

Anzac Day - Apex MMA

Anzac Day Open Mat: Join us for an Anzac Day open mat session! No other evening or afternoon classes will be running due to the Public Holiday.

🗓️ Tuesday, April 25th
⏰ 10 AM
📍 Apex MMA Brookvale

The open mat session at Apex MMA is designed for both Adult Jiu-Jitsu and Adult Muay Thai members. Using the open mat to continue working on your skills, practising with your training partners, and growing as a martial artist is a fantastic opportunity.

Here’s what you can expect during the open mat session:

🥋 Adult Jiu-Jitsu Members: Roll and drill in a relaxed and friendly environment with your team. This is the perfect chance to test new techniques, refine your skills, and challenge yourself against different training partners.

🥊 Adult Muay Thai Members: Bring a partner along and work on some pad drills during the open mat session. Sharpen your striking skills, enhance your footwork, and perfect your combinations while having fun and building camaraderie with your fellow Muay Thai enthusiasts.

So head down to Apex MMA on Tuesday, the 25th of April, at 10 AM for a great open mat session!

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Team Apex MMA Martial Arts Coach
Apex MMA is a specialist mixed martial arts gym focusing on Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Led by an experienced team of instructors, Apex MMA offers comprehensive training programs for students of all ages and skill levels. With Apex MMA's systematic teaching methods, passion for martial arts, and strong community relationships, you will gain the tools to succeed in the gym and beyond.
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