How to Keep Your Muay Thai Gloves Smelling Fresh

Feb 1, 2024Muay Thai

Odour Free Muay Thai Gloves

As any Muay Thai practitioner knows, training gloves can quickly develop an unpleasant odour due to sweat, bacteria, and moisture buildup. Not only is this smell off-putting, but it can also lead to the deterioration of your gloves over time. Fortunately, several effective methods exist to combat this issue and keep your gloves smelling fresh. In this article, we will explore the most popular and highly recommended solutions to maintain your gloves in top condition.

Air Drying and Ventilation

One of the most crucial steps in preventing odour buildup is ensuring that your gloves are thoroughly dried after each training session. We recommend the following methods:

  1. Hanging gloves outside: After training, hang your gloves outside in a well-ventilated area, preferably in direct sunlight. The fresh air and sunlight will help eliminate moisture and bacteria.
  2. Using a fan: If hanging your gloves outside is not an option, place them in front of a fan to promote air circulation and speed up the drying process.
  3. Opening the gloves: Unfasten the Velcro straps and spread the gloves open to allow maximum airflow into the interior.


Deodorising Products

In addition to air drying, using deodorising products can significantly reduce odours and keep your gloves smelling fresh. Here are some popular options:

  1. Deodorising bags: Numerous Muay Thai resources highly recommend deodorising bags filled with charcoal or cedar wood. After training, these bags can be placed inside the gloves to absorb moisture and eliminate odours.
  2. Deodorising sprays: Antibacterial sprays, such as Dettol or Lysol, can be used to disinfect and deodorise your gloves. Simply spray the interior and exterior of the gloves and allow them to air dry.
  3. Essential oils: Adding a few drops of tea tree oil or other essential oils to your deodorising spray can provide a pleasant scent while also fighting bacteria.


Washing and Wiping

Regularly cleaning your gloves is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent odour buildup. We suggest the following methods:

  1. Wiping with a damp cloth: After each training session, use a damp cloth or towel to wipe down the interior and exterior of your gloves, removing excess sweat and dirt.
  2. Using alcohol wipes: Alcohol wipes can disinfect and thoroughly clean your gloves. Be sure to let the gloves air dry completely after wiping them down.
  3. Washing hand wraps: Regularly washing your hand wraps can also help reduce odours in your gloves, as the wraps can absorb sweat and bacteria during training.


Glove Dryers

Investing in a Glove Dryer For those serious about maintaining their gloves, investing in a glove dryer can be a game-changer. These devices are specifically designed to dry and deodorise gloves quickly and efficiently. We strongly advise using boot dryers, which can be used for both gloves and shin guards. Place your gloves on the dryer after training, and they will be dry and odour-free in no time.

Odour-Free Muay Thai Gloves

Keeping your Muay Thai gloves smelling fresh requires regular air drying, using deodorising products, cleaning, and, if possible, investing in a glove dryer. By consistently implementing these strategies, you can extend the life of your gloves and ensure a more pleasant training experience for yourself and your training partners. Remember, a little effort goes a long way in maintaining your equipment and promoting a healthy training environment.


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